Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Protection, Protection, Protection, R U Protected?

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions has long been known for its protection of the electronic supply chain but did you know that ESCS Specializes in PROTECTION. ESCS is franchised to sell Surge protection from Maxi Volt, Circuit Protection from ProTek Devices, Lightning Protection from NexTek Lightning, and ESCS offers Eyes, Ears, and Fire protection from 3M Electrical Products. We also provide ENS Microwave custom cables to protect your property? With our Wilbrecht LEDCO products we can supply a panel mount LED to alert you of whether the power is switched on or off using our MicroPrecision switches.  ARE YOU FEELING SAFE & PROTECTED?
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                     Please no running on the rug!!! You will create electrostatic discharge.  OUTCH

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The WHY is counterfeit products.

·       Recently on Linkedin Michael G Beason chairman of the Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain Group wrote "Our supply chain is changing rapidly and sometimes we can't understand that the time to prepare for the changes was years ago. We're caught flat-footed and unprepared. We surprised and not in a good way. Nobody owns the problem. We can only ask "Why?"

       ESCS President Matthew Heaphy III  replied .................      The WHY is counterfeit products. In 2008 Electronic Supply Chain Solutions sponsored which offered the 123's ABC's and tricks they play to help educate the electronics industry that was clearly ill prepared for what was to come. Our industry assessment identified how 85 companies thought about the problem and the steps they might take.
We also sponsored which                                                              showcases actions taken and the results achieved.

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions choose to abandon the broker business and embrace the franchised model which has seen a tremendous uptick as companies are mandated not to buy from brokers any more.

This has resulted in many independent asking "Who move my industry?" Some have invested in inspection technology to add a layer of security while others have hung up their sneakers. Unfortunately I believe inspection and testing is just a new form of revenue and not the answer to the counterfeit epidemic. As a voting member of the SAE G-19 Counterfeit Committee I can share with you after over 150 weeks of 2 hour meetings we are still struggling with a solution to the problem.
Watch for our AS6081 distributor standard soon to be published and grab you track shoes ! ! !

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When are they going to learn?

There is only one place for ULTRA Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Once again quality professionals from aerospace certified companies such as Electronic Supply Chain Solutions will flock to Cape Canaveral Florida to attend the NASA sponsored "Quality Leadership Forum" March 21 & 22 2012. Many will look to personally discover from the mouths of those on the SAE G-19 Committee and others, just what is being done to CombatCounterfeits in the electronics community. During the many scheduled panel discussions and presentations attendees will discover the "Quality LessonsLearned" and the way forward.  Some will have their first chance to attend a special one day workshop presented by the JPL. ESCS has contributed to the information be presented and urges anyone associated with the mitigation of risk of counterfeits to attend. Last year Electronic Supply Chain Solutions offered a FREE copy of the "ESCS A2Z Inspection & Test Protocol" to those in attendance. Those who missed the opportunity may contact ESCS directly. ESCS President Matthew Heaphy is a voting member of the SAE G-19 Counterfeit Committee which has published the aerospace AS5553 Standard, and continues to refine a standard for distribution started in 2009 which will be known as AS6081 upon its release this year. Those who assume that vendor reduction is the answer should attend. Sorry but it's just not that simple! Discover ESCS ULTRA  by clicking this link!