Thursday, January 28, 2010

The United Nations teams up with Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Inc to Combat Counterfeits

The UN Regional Crime & Justice Research Institute or (unicri) purpose is (advancing security, serving justice, & building peace) UNICR seeks to shed light on topics such as money laundering, cyber crime, counterfeiting, human trafficking, and corruption. (Click Here )

ESCS is not only the author of the A2Z Inspection, Test Protocols & Inspection Checklist, they also provide the industry valuable quality and counterfeiting information by sponsoring websites that include , , , & to name a few.
The UNICR has validated  ESCS's combat counterfeit site by not only providing links to our content but also utilizing our “STOP COUNTERFEITING” logo in an exhibit they call “Art to fight crime”. ESCS President Matthew Heaphy III stated “We were flattered when JPL & NASA aerospace counterfeit teams acknowledged our contribution to their “Counterfeit Parts Avoidance Training for EEE Parts” This latest use by the UN authenticates that our content is worth another look to those who are seeking to mitigate their risks in the electronic component supply chain”. Our sites contain characters such as Professor Quality & Count 2 Fit, Lunch & Learn Workshops and many links to information that you just won’t find in one place! If you are looking for a Safe Source Seal for Aerospace Sourcing Assurance, Electronic Supply Chain Solutions web products are the best place to pick up some quality lessons learned.
Did we mention that ESCS has had six AS9120 audits with the last two attaining perfect scores! Something special is going on here!  Can your company afford not to be informed? Call 727-723-8255
Our website is visited by over two thousands of people per month and bookmarked by 62% who visit. Quality Content, Content, Content. It is the corner stone of our success.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Military Supplier of Aerospace Spares

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Inc. sponsors  ESCS has delivered on many different items to support the aerospace community. ESCS states "Ïf it Flies, Floats, or Rolls, ESCS Supports It. Our AS9120 certification and our compliance to AS5553 make us the clear choice when sourcing hard to find spares. From connectors,actives and passives to hardware items such as ANSI bolts and DFAR screws ESCS has become the supplier of choice to provide solutions, while mitigating risks associated with both electronic and mechanical parts. Call ESCS at 727-723-8255 today,