Friday, November 23, 2007

“Vendor Reduction Starts By Adding ESCS an AS9120 Quality Certified Distributor ”

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions provides many services to Combat Counterfeits.
The ICPhotosynth exhibits the exact photo of the available for sale inventory.
ESCS also links the photo to the MFG’s Data Sheet Search for verification.
Our RoHS Forum guides you to the MFG’s RoHS initiatives page to determine current availabilities.
The ESCS DSCC DASHBOARD provides valuable jump points to aid in surfing government sites.
ESCS provides AEROSPACE SPARES “If it Floats, Flies, or Rolls we support it”
Many of these links are accessed at ESCS CLICKnGO or our MY INFORMATION VAULT
ESCS was one of the first distributors to become AS9120 Quality Certified and uses Evidence Based Protocols.
ESCS believes that "Vendor Reduction Starts By Adding ESCS" One visit and you’ll know why!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ESCS Gives You The Room To Know

Thousands of companies around the world every month visit and utilized the many informative tools that Electron Supply Chain Solutions Inc has to offer. It’s extremely successful CLICKnGO product serves as a portal for buyers and engineers and the content from one single page is more than can be found anywhere else in the world. This may explain why 66% of those visitors bookmarked it as one of their favorites.
ESCS President Matthew Heaphy III said “We continue on a pretty aggressive schedule to invent products that benefit both our prospects as well as our current customers in addressing demands of the supply chain in the electronic component industry. Our latest product started” out as an IV to send the needed information to the source that required it.”
The ESCS IV became which is a cross between a video game of doom and an art gallery. Upon entering the vault users are informed that “ESCS Gives You the Room to Know” Along the walls artwork logos can be selected which navigates the user directly to the required products ESCS has created as well as our robotics sponsorship and our Blogger which contains information you can use that you won’t find anywhere else but ESCS

ESCS Launches Aerospace Spares Website

Press Release-.........Due to the increased demand for Quality
Aerospace Spares……......Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Inc. has introduced its latest website dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the many repair & overhaul companies that require a distributor with an AS9120 Quality Certification.
ECSC says “If it Floats, Flies or Rolls we support it” This added service is seen as a tremendous benefit for both military and aerospace companies that are trying to combat counterfeits while fulfilling their just in time requirements.
Visit today to experience the many free tools ESCS has to offer.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Electronic Supply Chain Solution's Evidence Based Protocols Combat Counterfeits

Electronic Supply Chain Solution's Evidence Based Protocols Combat Counterfeits
Despite the substantial prevalence and adverse consequences of counterfeiting, the knowledge related to preventing these problems, is neither widely available nor promoted in the electronics industry. Given the financial restrictions facing companies today, guidance is needed to direct the limited available resources toward the protection of a quality management system that has a proven effectiveness. To support this effort, ESCS utilizes evidence based protocols that mitigate the risk to aid in the prevention of counterfeit components in the supply chain. Many companies restriction of added suppliers has been proven counter productive and does not address the real need to review the whole current AVL.

ESCS performs supplier reviews. The purpose of these is to highlight prevention and early intervention that has a demonstrated proven effectiveness. ESCS identifies the scope of each supplier i.e.: only relays or only connectors and then evaluates not only their on-time track record but also their practices, or quality certifications such as AS9120 in the case of an aerospace electronic component distributor which would lay the framework of a valued supplier. ESCS also provides a comprehensive annual review of the suppliers total performance with evidence based metrics kept during the year. This serves as empirical evidence of the need to retain or discard each supplier and identifies any short comings or demanded areas of improvement in order for them to remain on the ESCS AVL (approved vendor list)
As an independent we have a broader vision of where the world inventory is coming from and can safeguard companies from the pitfalls of dealing with high-risk individuals. Our current evidence base protocols provide direction for our customers regarding counterfeit product prevention through early intervention services. This information can be useful when standard channels or practices are not available or effective.
Large prime military companies are looking towards companies like ESCS that have focused their efforts on the education and preventive measures that manufactures need to take. ESCS is paving the future directions for companies as they try to combat counterfeits in their supply chain.
This year ESCS introduced technology. The ICphotosynth links text, data sheets and photographs of our inventory as an individual web page incorporating the image and information of the exact part and date code that will arrive on your dock at 9:00am. This service was added to the very successful CLICKnGO launch pad portal for buyers and engineers. ESCS was the third U.S. electronic distributor to become certified to the Aerospace AS9120 quality standard. By completing its fourth annual aerospace AS9120 audit with a 98.9%, ESCS continues to prove they are a quality advocate. ESCS is also part of the CACP “Collation Against Counterfeiters and Piracy.” ESCS shares valuable information from the CACP and members of the U.S. Chamber of Congress. ESCS supplies information to its customers upon request and maintains which provides everyone free information to safeguard your supply chain. Explore our site to learn of our participation in the recent world counterfeiting summit in Washington
ESCS consultative services are provided as a free service. To learn how you can use “Evidence-Based Practices for Preventing Counterfeits,”
Visit “Our CLICKnGO is the Aerospace Industries Portal”

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What is all the hype about ESCS using EVIDENCE BASED PROTOCOLS to Mitigate Risk ????

You can’t go to a purchasing meeting without the topic of counterfeits being discussed in today supply chain. But talking about it on the buyer’s level just does not address the many safeguards that must in concert in order to properly protect your company.

Mandating the need to reduce suppliers or limiting the addition of new suppliers has given many companies more problems in procurement without achieving the desired result.
Past performance does not guarantee future results and while that good old supplier may have been meeting your past needs, companies have to take a proactive approach to insure that their supplier’s provide the subjective evidence that their source of supply is protected.
Some of the suggested minimum criteria to protect your company should include:
Control of Documents & Records

A documented purchasing process
Systems to safeguard you against counterfeits
Verification of Purchased Product
Identification and Split Lot Traceability
Preservation of Product
Inspection of Documentation
Evidence of ConformanceControl of Non-Conforming Product
Mandating of Flow-Down Requirements
Annual Surveillance by independent third party quality auditors.
Many of the large prime contractors in the electronic industry are leading the charge by demanding that their suppliers be independently quality certified. While the old ISO 9001-2000 standard help commercial businesses recognize the need for a quality manament system, is stops far short of the stringent requirements needed for military and aerospace companies today. A special Aerospace quality standard is now required and its foundation starts with ISO9001-2000. The AS9100 Aerospace standard adds 86 addition conditions that must be made a part of the way companies (plan, do, check). While this new standard was added several years ago, very few have actually gone through this process and are currently certified to either AS9100 for manufacturers, AS9120 for stockiest distributors or AS9110 for repair stations.
Companies should make part of their supplier review process a visit to OASIS, The IAQG Online Aerospace Supplier Information System
OASIS provides documented certification by country and by quality standard. If your supplier is not listed there then demand the written proof their quality system is certified and then verify it. To say one is quality compliant is far from what must be demanded as a minimum quality standard.
As a supplier with an aerospace AS9120 certification ESCS is using what is known in the medical feild as EVIDENCE BASED PROTOCOLS. EVIDENCE BASED PROTOCOL is the practice of using historical proven data to suggest a course of action that can drastically mitigate the risk of counterfeit products in your supply chain.
Visit to learn how to protect you companies supply chain.