Sunday, December 30, 2007

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions 2007 in Review

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions 2007 in Review
ESCS wraps up its best year ever with some great accomplishments and products that benefited the electronics industry.
ESCS continued to offer value to the industry by enhancing the ESCS CLICKnGO Launch Pad aerospace portal with many new products that you just won’t find any where else.
The new ESCS DSCC DASHBOARD provides valuable jump points to aid in surfing government sites. This year ESCS introduced technology. The ICphotosynth links text, Data Sheet Search and photographs of our inventory as an individual web page incorporating the image and information of the exact part and date code that will arrive on your dock at 9:00am. ESCS also launched its consultative services which provide links to the U.S. Chamber of Congress CACP Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy and quality industry related facts to Combat Counterfeits. ESCS attended the 4th annual world summit in Washington and has been providing this information to select customers on a request basis.
As a member of the CACP ESCS plans to do more in 2008 to keep the electronics industry informed as to the steps they can take! We also added the new which is a cross between a video game of doom and an art gallery. Upon entering the vault users are informed that “ESCS Gives You the Room to Know” Many of our customers have made additional requests for content in the vault and all we can say is…just wait and see in 2008
ESCS completed its 4th AS9120 and ISO9001 quality audit with a 98.7% and continued to demonstrate to the aerospace industry its value by launching several websites that address their needs.ESCS added and also provided AEROSPACE SPARES which declares “If it Floats, Flies, or Rolls we support it” ESCS also offers two different locators INFORMATION LOCATOR SERVICE and INVENTORY LOCATOR SERVICES Many of the new customers added this year were prime contractors who recognize the value of dealing with a quality minded company such as Electronic Supply Chain Solutions. They found “Vendor reduction starts by adding ESCS”

ESCS changed its focus this year choosing not to support the brokers demand for our hand picked inventory. ESCS invested heavily in products that were required to support it’s customers on going requirements during the current market of government holds and manufactures allocations. Most of our inventory comes with the mfg c of c or is tested to meet standards.
ESCS also continued it’s sponsorship of Team Krunch 79 robotics along with Honeywell and others and are proud to report 2007 was spectacular!
Visit the ESCS CLICKnGO and click on First Robotics to learn how you can become involved in your local school.
As in the past, ESCS rewarded its Suppliers who demonstrated a perfect record of on-time and quality this year by awarding certificates acknowledging their achievements.
2008 promises to start off with a bang and you will just have to wait till then to see why 66% of the unique visitors to ESCS bookmark our site!
We have some new products to roll out so……………………... is the place to go (hint) Come back in the New Year !!!