Tuesday, December 9, 2008


With the alarming increase in counterfeiting of electronic components, the need is greater than ever to ensure your company has a strong and effective risk mitigation strategy. We could all use a "Professor Quality"

Leading aerospace and military manufacturers are taking steps to reduce the risk of receiving counterfeit parts through implementation of strategies focused on reducing or eliminating the primary sources of risk. ESCS has been an active advocate in the industry helping develop best practices, and can work with your team to assess your current situation and provide recommendations tailored to your company’s operating structure.
An excellent starting point in your evaluation is ESCS’s site dedicated to mitigating counterfeit risk at www.combatcounterfeits.com There you will find a wealth of information that will be thought-provoking and help educate your quality and procurement teams on the primary issues and concerns.
Areas you may want to review:
· Distributor knowledge & experience
· Distributor quality certifications & systems
· Inspection and testing
· Vendor reduction
· Inventory management and lot traceability
· Distributor management of their supplier base
· …and many more.
The consultative service ESCS provides is free for the use of all aerospace and military manufacturers. Give us a call and we’ll help you quickly put together an assessment of what should be considered in developing your own risk mitigation strategy.
And remember… As Professor Quality says.......
“Risk mitigation starts by consulting with ESCS”.
ESCS is the company that pioneeered Safe Source Seal Aerospace Sourcing Assurance

Thursday, December 4, 2008

ESCS CombatCounterfeits.com gets a new Aerospace overhaul of current info

CombatCounterfeits.com is dedicated to promoting best practices to reduce the incidence of counterfeit electronic components in the aerospace and military manufacturing supply chain.
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. is an Aerospace AS9120 certified independent distributor recognized as a leading quality advocate in the industry. ESCS sponsors CombatCounterfeits.com as a free service for both distributors and manufacturers alike. Learn of The Shocking Truth about Electronic Component Counterfeiting Share it freely, use it to educate, or as an information source and research tool in developing risk mitigation strategies. Here you will find information and counterfeiting tricks and examples, resources on quality systems, inspection protocols, industry standards and certifications, counterfeit reporting and much, much more.
The battle to combat electronic component counterfeiting requires on-going attention and diligence. ESCS believes education and training, along with the development of strong industry standard best practices is the most effective approach to mitigating counterfeit risks.
CombatCounterfeits.com should be just one of your tools in the battle. The"Other Resources" tab provides information on government and industry associations who are active in the fight to combat counterfeits. The SafeSourceSeal.com provides authenticated sourcing for aerospace and military manufacturers when procuring electronic components through Aerospace AS9120 certified independent distributors. A free Electronic Industry Assessment is available for printing and sharing on the Awareness and Industry Efforts to Combat Counterfeits in Aerospace & Military Electronic Component Procurement.
Many quality professionals also enjoy the ESCS Counterfeit Gallery and share this as well!
"Chinese food is great, but Chinese components is a bad diet for your Company"

Monday, December 1, 2008

The ESCS Graphic Procurement System navigates you to the info you need!

  • Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Announces www.ESCSGPS.com
  • It may look like the GPS in your car but ours navigates electronic buyers directly to the precise data needed to make sound electronic components business decisions.
  • The ESCS GPS displays 12 web products from a single access point.
  • 1.)The ROHS Forum- identifies MFG ‘s Lead Free initiative web pages.
  • 2.) The DSCC Dashboard - simplifies the surfing of government information.
  • 3.)The ICPHOTOSYNTH -graphically displays ESCS inventory & ties them to Datasheets4u
  • 4.)Request a Quote- provides an opporitunity to communicate directly with ESCS
  • 5.)TEMO - “The Electronic Manufacturers Outlet” hyperlinks buyers to over 3000 MFG’s web sites.
  • 6.) Combat Counterfeits educates electronic companies on how to mitigate risks of counterfeits.
    7.) CLICK n GO - An ESCS product that guides buyers to MFG’s products by commodity.
  • 8.) NQA – is the registrar of ESCS’s aerospace AS9120 & ISO9001 Certifications.
  • 9.)Learn how ESCS sponsors High School Team KRUNCH 79 with Honeywell & FIRST Robotics.
  • 10.) COTSS - ESCS offers many “Component Off The Shelf Services” learn more . . .
  • 11). ESCS Information Source- provides info on a broad range of topics.
  • 12.) Components2go -links our customers to the products they can hold in their hand tomorrow.
  • Navigate to the info you need now!
  • ESCS may adopt an Android platform soon!