Friday, June 19, 2009


You can BING, you can Google, or you can even Yahoo but ... . ... .
Those who demand quality parts use
I see Quality parts in your future if you use ICphotosynth.
Navigate photos in the ICphotosynth & get Data Sheets as well. ICphotosynth not only provides photos, but it also has an impressive feature which provides the ability to type in all or part of a component part number, and to navigate to the exact or similar part with a different value. This is great for teaching, or for knowing what a typical part looks like. Whether it's icphotosynth's collection of hundreds of photos, the ability to zoom in on the leads, or small part markings, ESCS has made it simple to shop for quality components. You can search our Google image page by typing in the part number you need and the icphotosynth will then appear for you to share or save the image for later viewing. Need a Data Sheet to send along? Request millions of data sheets from the same page!
The ESCS ICphotosynth Technology
The ICphotosynth links both text and photographs into an individual web page incorporating the image and information. The content will evolve and change over time. Who can say where the future will take us? The ESCS ICphotosynth started out as an idea to create a web page for every part we owned, and now every part we have sold! We are excited about the possibilities, and would like to hear you ideas and/or suggestions.
This technology is provided by the same company that invented the CLICKnGO launch pad portal for buyers and engineers. ESCS was the third U.S. electronic distributor to become certified to the Aerospace AS9120 quality standard. And now after the fifth 100% annual independent aerospace audit, ESCS continues to prove they are a quality advocate. ESCS is part of the CACP “Collation Against Counterfeiters and Piracy.” ESCS shares its valuable information from the CACP and other members of the U.S. Chamber of Congress. Many people who use ICphosynth also use which provides free information to safeguard and mitigate risks to your supply chain. ESCS is a member of GIDEP and the ERAI as well. CLICK THE VARIOUS ICPHOTOSYNTH HYPERLINKS TO LEARN MORE ! THE PART YOU SEE IS THE PART YOU CAN HOLD IN YOUR HAND SO CALL TODAY!

Friday, June 12, 2009


When it comes to electronic components.... some people pull theirs apart and some people just consume them without pulling them apart. ESCS uses a De-encapsulation process to microscopically inspect the substrate of the component, including the die and wafer markings, revealing the internal part numbers and logos supplied by the original component manufacturer. Electronic Supply Chain Solutions is a registered Safe Source Seal distributor that incorporates a simple procedure: sSs #1= Buy it from the factory sSs #2= Buy it from an authorized distributor or sSs # 3= Test the product at a 3rd party test house for an unbiased review of the parts functionality and a de-encapsulation to mitigate the risk of counterfeits. Prior to these tests ESCS utilizes it’s A2Z Inspection & Test Protocol which identifies any visual anomalies prior to implentation of the required testing to meet the customer’s demands or the milspec on file for that device. If you’ve got milk and cookies you may feel great but finding a supplier like ESCS that can combat counterfeits by pulling your components apart prior to their shipment is just another layer of Aerospace Sourcing Assurance.

Those who use ESCS COTSS services also found AS5553 info and AS9120 info interesting .