Thursday, September 24, 2009

Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Awareness, Avoidance, Detection and Mitigation Workshop

NASA & IMAPS Co- Host this Big Event!

................. . . . Electronic Supply Chain Solutions President Matthew Heaphy III will be on hand for questions on ESCS's A2Z Inspection & Test Protocol, explain how to Combat Counterfeits and steps you can take to mitigate risks in your supply chain. Mr Heaphy and other G-19 members shall also be in attendance as this event shall be following the two day Quality Leadership Forum at the JPL in Pasadena CA. The new quality standard AS5553 recently adolpted by NASA & the DOD should be a hot topic for discussion.

Oct.1, 2009 at the Radisson Hotel at Los Angeles Airport, a one-day event will take place, focusing on Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Awareness, Avoidance, Detection and Mitigation . This workshop is co-hosted by NASA and the Southern California Chapters of the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS). Numerous speakers from Government, Industry, Contracting Agencies and Suppliers will present on this subject. The IMAPS community, is a large user of electronic parts and has significant interest in helping to address this issue. Quality Lessons Learned have shown every element of the supply chain must work together to combat counterfeit parts.
This is an event that companies should attend and the Attendee Registration is FREE! See you there!

Friday, September 4, 2009

SAE G-19 AS5553 NASA DOD ESCS . What does it all mean? Maybe a lot!

SAE International, through the voluntary work of more than 7,000 committee members and participants, maintains over 8,300 technical standards and related documents.
G-19 Counterfeit Electronic Parts Committee-is chartered to address aspects of Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition and is the author of a new standard called AS5553 that has now been adopted by both NASA and the DOD.
The SAE AS5553 standard was created in response to the significant and increasing volume of counterfeit electronic parts entering the aerospace supply chain and standardizes requirements, practices and methods for counterfeit parts risk mitigation. The resulting document presents solutions to address counterfeit electronic parts issues across a large cross-section of the electronics industry.
By visiting you may purchase the AS5553 standard at this link
Looking for training for your company? The SAE offers Introduction to AS5553 and Counterfeit Electronic Parts Avoidance Training New! Learn more at the link below
ESCS is short for Electronic Supply Chain Solutions which is a franchised & independent electronic component distributor that is not only one of the 20 current members of the G-19 committee but also the sponsor of the following Information Sources that educate your staff on all aspects of quality in the supply chain.,,,,,,, and ..........................Call ESCS today to learn more.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Electronic Supply Chain Solution's involvement with the CACP, QLF, and SAE G-19 Counterfeit Committee, has provided the quality lessons learned that corporate mandates to adopt a policy of Vendor Reduction must evolve. Now more than ever the need to mitigate risks coming from independent brokers is paramount to a company's supply chain.This age old policy is being revisited by many.Those who've dieted understand that "loss of fat does not make you stronger."

The reduction of suppliers who do not meet minimum standards after a designated time line should continue. However, strength of the supply chain is achieved by maintaining an Approved Vendor List that not only meets statandard cost objectives and on-time deliveries, but quality as well.
The aerospace community has found that mandating suppliers to an AS9120 quality certification may insure a quality product. Suppliers must demonstrate that they are taking the same steps with their AVL and through education, making sure all employees understand and demand the flow down requirements needed to meet a company's objectives.
A new standard AS5553 shall soon apply to those in the military and aerospace community. Building a powerful AVL shall provide your company with the tools needed to meet the standard as well.
Will You Be Prepared?? As President of ESCS, let me share with you some of our initiatives:
ESCS, one of the 1st to become AS9120, has 6 Quality Audits with 2 back to back 100% scores.
ESCS is a member of the U.S Chamber of Congress’ CACP (Coalition Against Counterfeiting & Piracy).
ESCS is a member of the QLF (Quality Leadership Forum) and contributes to NASA & JPL Counterfeit Workshops. ESCS was a keynote speaker at the March 2009 QLF introducing it’s’ “Safe Source Seal” Aerospace Sourcing Assurance. ESCS will attend the Counterfeit workshop during the QLF in Oct 2009. Will you be there?
ESCS is 1 of the 20 voting members of the SAE G-19 Committee. The G-19 Committee is chartered to address aspects of preventing, detecting, responding to and counteracting the threat of counterfeit electronic components. The G-19 Committee authored the new AS5553 standard mentioned above.
ESCS maintains informative websites that educate your staff on all aspects of quality in the supply chain.,,,,,,, and
ESCS is Prepared.
"Vendor Reduction starts be adding ESCS!"
Call us today to discuss adding ESCS to your AVL.