Tuesday, November 17, 2009

QLF & Counterfeit Work Shop Brings.... Awareness to the Need to Combat Counterfeits.


Many representatives from prime contractors returned home from the QLF, and Counterfeit Workshop in California in October with new found knowledge and a large quantity of business cards. As a reminder. Electronic Supply Chain Solutions is  a franchised stocking distributor with quality and counterfeit avoidance as its cornerstone. In addition to being a member of the QLF Quality Leadership Forum, ESCS sponsors quality web sites www.Combatcounterfeits.info   www.AS5553.info   www.AS9120.info  www.escsinfo.com and our main website of www.escs9120.com  links you to the many productivity products designed to provide you the information you need to make sound business decisions. ESCS has had 6  AS9120 aerospace audits, is a member of GIDEP, ERAI, CACP Coalition Against Counterfeiting & Piracy  and our President, Matthew Heaphy III is one of 20 voting members of the SAE G-19 committee that addresses aspects of preventing, detecting, responding, to and counteracting the threat of counterfeit electronic components.
Our motto is “Vendor reduction starts by adding ESCS” There was a major consensus that using non-franchised suppliers increases the risk of counterfeits and pairing down your list of independents or brokers that maintain both a QMS and a counterfeit mitigation strategy to meet AS5553 is paramount moving forward.

If you missed NASA's last QLF, ESCS' President Matthew Heaphy III was a speaker on the topic of Aerospace Sourcing Assurance where he introduced our Safe Source Seal Program that is the only audited inspection program that addresses the origin of in coming electronic components. Visit www.SafeSourceSeal.com to learn more. 
F.Y.I A  DINOXLITE USB Microscope is a great investment!
 In a time when all procurement professions are trying to mitigate risks our company is leading the way with innovative web products that increase productivity, lower costs, and provide solutions to many of the bottle necks and obstacles that are part of your supply chain. Spend some time viewing our web sites to arm your self with the information you need to combat counterfeits while mitigating risks at your company.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quality Wins Out Over Wacky Sales