Monday, September 17, 2007

Google was a math term 1 plus 1000 zeros

Then came GOOGLE the website!
There was no web site in the world, where you could find thousands of MFG’s sites; shop electronic components by commodity, search connectors by milspec or drill down to hundreds of MFG’s RoHS initiative pages instantly …. There wasn’t a place you could
search for over one million data sheets and pinpoint specifically selected government DSCC sites all from one place. Not even google could do that …
THEN …. Came the ESCS CLICKnGO Launch Pad for buyers & engineers The brainchild of Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, an independent stocking distributor of electronic components that catered to the military customers. ESCS created a site that is bookmarked by over 62% of it’s unigue visitors! ESCS continues to lead the industry in aerospace quality after becoming the third U.S. distributor to be AS9120 certified for quality which was built on ISO9001 that they also attained. ESCS became one of the first companies to join the U.S. Chamber of Commerce “Coalition Against Counterfeits and Piracy”. Outraged by the 250 Billion U.S. dollars lost to counterfeiters each year, in 2007 ESCS established ESCS Consultative Services to Combat Counterfeits. The free service ESCS created gives back to the electronics industry and is a place for corporations to go to learn how to protect their supply chain and conduct business with out the fear of losing it all! This site offers: whitepapers, best industry practices, CACP videos, daily press releases and much more! Electronic Supply Chain Solutions slogan “Vendor reduction starts by adding ESCS” is a call to action for companies to look at what ESCS has to offer and compare it to what they are currently accepting. Any one who owns stock knows past performance does not guarantee future returns. We must Combat Counterfeits.


Did you know the DOD is Buying Green?

"The DOD is Greening the Government through Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Federal Acquisition Regulations"
The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is a good steward of resources in buying green and meeting its mission and in playing a significant role in identifying and addressing issues such as health & safety, environmental protection, including human health, animals, plants, and sea world. Success stories, case histories, current trends, and technological solutions for environmental protection, and enhancement in health and safety issues show that DOD has made quite good and significant progress in compliance with the mandatory Federal, State, and local regulations.
DOD has its own compliance programs and is now striving to prepare beyond compliance and understanding sustainability how to make it work as a part of business process. Everyone has to make efforts demonstrating commitment to environmental compliance, education and stewardship. Everyone is a partner in this struggle, protecting life and the environment. Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Inc offers a RoHS Forum for both customers and manufactures to share thier RoHS initiatives as a service to the electronics community.

What does green purchasing mean ?
It means buying:
Recycled products
Conserving energy and water
Alternate fuel vehicles and fuels
Bio-based and environmentally preferable products
Use of Non-ozone depleting substances

Use of alternative priority chemicals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, PCBs, Naphthalene
Environmentally preferable purchasing highlights multiple environmental attributes and lifecycle considerations. It is very important that the purchasers must know, study, evaluate the products and their environmental issues while making purchasing decisions. For example some bio-based products may not be beneficial to environment in every situation. There is always a risk to the environment from military activities unless we promote improved chemical management practices globally.
The international environmental management system ( EMS, ISO 14001) identifies the aspects of business which could affect the environment. It complies with legislative and other requirements, establishes goals and objectives, thus, achieving continuous improvement towards at all stages of operations. This
Electronic Supply Chain Solutuion website is listed as references to understand environmental management system in greening aerospace industry:
More information is available from where 62% of the unique visitors bookmark the site! There must be a lot of info. Visit and see for your self!

Friday, September 7, 2007

ESCS Answers RLR DSCC Hold

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Answers RLR DSCC Hold Resistors

Clearwater, FL. September 7, 2007 – Military buyers in search of “DSCC Hold” RLR05C & RLR07C resistors may find what they're looking for at .
DID YOU KNOW>>>> In June 2006 DSCC deemed all products of certain values of RLR05 & RLR07C resistors newer than week 0446 to be unacceptable their by eliminating almost all of the franchised stock held. This hold was to last until Dec. 2006, but has now been pushed out until Oct. 2007. Well, these R & S level resistors may not become available to government rated orders until sometime in 2008 if at all!!!!!

After detecting the initial signs of a shortage in June 2006, and responding to forecasts that allocation may last through October 2007, ESCS has just completed its second significant buy of the RLR05C & RLR07C Resistors. We continue to buy values daily.

The RLR inventory buy falls in line with ESCSs’ commitment to being the source for allocated, obsolete, and hard-to-find products. Most buying professionals know that there is more to surviving a shortage than sourcing. By approaching the challenges of the market with our customer's needs in mind, ESCS aims to provide products that will sustain it's customers near term future demands. Electronic Supply Chain Solutions is one of a handful of suppliers who are aerospace AS9120 certified. ESCS has created a unique product called which allows you to see the components that will be delivered to your dock tomorrow! Calling your ESCS representative at 727-723-8255 may provide additional required stock. Sales to brokers are discouraged as ESCS does not buy product by the skid to be sold as surplus.

Each part is procured one at a time, photographed and must have certs or be tested at the test house of your choice. Upon completion of this testing the product is set aside and removed from visibility. Only ESCS customers shall be privy to this allocated stock. At ESCS we "Combat Counterfeits” for our Customers! What are your current suppliers doing to protect you? Visit to learn more.

Need any RLR05C & RLR07C Resistors? Visit