Friday, July 17, 2009

Who is Professor Quality?

Who is Professor Quality? Does he really exist or is he just a cartoon!
As ESCS Quality Manager I am asked that often and I can tell you he does exist and not like Santa Clause for those who believe. Professor Quality as we like to call him is actually the sum culture of the employees at Electronic Supply Chain Solutions. He is our symbol of the process of educating customers on the topic of quality. Just a little history……
1. Professor Quality insisted on being one of the first electronic distributors to become AS9120 Certified and now after our 5th AS9120 Aerospace Quality Audit we achieved a 100% score! Thanks Professor!
2. Professor Quality was one of the founding members of the Coalition against Counterfeiting and Piracy.
3. Professor Quality established the website to help educate electronic companies on the steps they need to mitigate risks.
4. Professor Quality has been providing free presentations to individual aerospace companies using products such as WebEx and Go to Meeting to custom tailor the content to their special requirements.
5. Professor Quality was a Future Aerospace Congress 2008 Keynote Speaker where he spoke on the topic of Supply Chain Solution to Counterfeiting.
6. Professor Quality commissioned and published an industry assessment to determine the industries understanding of the problem of counterfeiting and the recommended best practices from the lessons learned. You can print a free copy from
7. Professor Quality pioneered Safe Source Seal Aerospace Sourcing Assurance, which is the first program shifting the responsibility for identifying the source of supply to the distributor rather than putting 100% of the burden on the customer’s inspection department. ESCS staff presented this quality program at this years Quality Leadership Forum at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
8. Professor Quality Joined GIDEP, ERAI, and the Quality Leadership Forum so he could be kept informed as to the latest issues of counterfeits and actions required to mitigate risks for ESCS customers.
9. Professor Quality and the staff at ESCS published their intellectual property “A2Z Inspection & Test Protocol” as a guide to help companies build a QMS at their company that meets their individual needs.
10. Professor Quality is now one of the voting members of the SAE International G-19 Committee which recently published the new AS5553 standard. ESCS was chosen not only for our contribution to the quality community, but also the first hand experience Professor Quality can lend as an independent distributor.
Professor Quality is not Santa Clause, but he sure does give a lot to those who need him. ESCS does not charge for the consultative services we provide, so give the Professor a call!
Safe Sourcing,
Jan Salatino ESCS Quality Manager