Friday, February 29, 2008

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ESCS Guides it's Customers to Combat Counterfeits

*FREE* White paper on Counterfeiting

ESCS Electronic Supply Chain Solutions a well known education based electronic component distributor is leading the way to a safer supply chain by providing valuble industry related content!
If you are not preparing, educating and protecting your company, then you need to STOP.
While many customers have visited ESCS’s site that addresses counterfeiting, the enormous amount of valuable content requires a little digging. Feedback has been very positive so ESCS has created several hot links below to showcase content that may be missed on a quick glance.
ESCS Quality manager Jan Salatino said
"Our mission in creating this free product was to provide consultive services that would educate as well as provide up to date information on the steps we have learned can protect our customers from the $250 Billion per year that the CACP (Coalition Against Counterfeiting & Piracy) has stated the U.S. loses each year.”
Highlights of our Consultive Services to Combat Counterfeits include these hot links:
> Are you living Status Quo ?
> Tricks they play with electronic components
> Counterfeiting ABC's to slow counterfeits to your CM’s
> White Papers on Counterfeiting
> 4th Annual Anti-Counterfeiting & Piracy Summit
> ESCS President Matthew Heaphy III Editorial Comments
Can you spot a fake component?
If not...... You need to consult with the people that can...
ESCS (an education based distributor)
ESCS knows the Mil Spec and other DSCC info

Visit to start the process to STOP Counterfiets.
“ESCS gives you the room to know”
Remember Vendor Reduction starts by adding ESCS an AS9120 certified company

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

OASIS Database provides subjective evidence of ESCS Aerospace Certification

(OASIS) On-line Aerospace Supplier Information System OASIS, what is it? OASIS is the web-based International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) database containing information on all AS9100 for manufacturers, AS9110 for repair and overhaul shops and AS9120 Stockist distributors all of whom are registered companies. The database displays the results of all AS9100, AS9110 or AS9120 aerospace assessments performed (including its latest score), as well as general company information.
OASIS is the resource companies should use to determine that a supplier has an Aerospace certification that demonstrates subjective evidence of a quality management system that goes beyond the ISO 9001 standard utilized by commercial companies.
The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) administers the OASIS database for the aerospace scheme. Inputs for updating the OASIS database are provided by your aerospace auditors to SAE after completion of an AS9100, AS9110 or AS9120 assessment visit.
All AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120 registered clients should currently have access to the OASIS database. Each aerospace registered client should verify all information relating their company is correct, specifically the latest assessment score for their most recent aerospace audit.
If your supplier states that they are certified and they are not listed further investigations should be made to substantiate their claims. REGISTRATION TO OASIS IS FREE
To register for access to the OASIS database for viewing any company’s information, go to: Choose a user name and password and you’re done. Select a country, choose a standard and everyone who is certified is listed for your review.
Sampling is not allowed for AS9100 or AS9110, therefore each site must be audited in full prior to granting initial certification and each site must be audited in full at least once in the three year certification cycle at surveillance or re-assessment audits. Electronic Supply Chain Solutions maintains a website whereby clicking on their quality tab will not only provide you valuable industry information but also a hot link to OASIS Make sure you bookmark this valuable tool. As we all know poor quality is no day at the beach. ESCS is a AS9120 certified company and shall competed it's 5 th Aerospace audit in June 2008 with a 100% score!!!!! Companies investigating the process of being aerospace AS9120 should contact companies such as ESCS as they were the 3rd company in the USA to acheve this certifcation and are mature in their Quality Management System. ESCS knows Mil Spec

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ESCS Warns - - - - Beware of Phishing

It's not like trying to combat counterfeits but it is about taking steps to secure your intellectual property. By definition - Vishing (voice or VoIP phishing) is an electronic fraud tactic in which individuals are tricked into revealing critical financial or personal information to unauthorized entities. Vishing works like phishing but does not always occur over the Internet and is carried out using voice technology. A vishing attack can be conducted by voice email, VoIP (voice over IP), or landline or cellular telephone.
The potential victim receives a message, often generated by speech synthesis, indicating that suspicious activity has taken place in a credit card account, bank account, mortgage account or other financial service in their name. The victim is told to call a specific telephone number and provide information to "verify identity" or to "ensure that fraud does not occur." If the attack is carried out by telephone, caller ID spoofing can cause the victim's set to indicate a legitimate source, such as a bank or a government agency.
Vishing is difficult for authorities to trace, particularly when conducted using VoIP. Furthermore, like many legitimate customer services, vishing scams are often outsourced to other countries, which may render sovereign law enforcement powerless.
Consumers can protect themselves by suspecting any unsolicited message that suggests they are targets of illegal activity, no matter what the medium or apparent source. Rather than calling a number given in any unsolicited message, a consumer should directly call the institution named, using a number that is known to be valid, to verify all recent activity and to ensure that the account information has not been tampered with. As my mom always says " company are like fish! They start to stink after the second day" Be careful of the company you keep and always protect your information! Visit one of the ESCS WEB SITES to learn more!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions’ commitment to quality transcends everything we do:

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions is both an AS9120 and ISO 9001:2000 certified distributor of electronic components. ESCS is a member of the "Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy” which is part of the US Chamber of Commerce and is kept informed as to the extent and issues concerning counterfeiting and piracy. As part of our consultative services ESCS provides valuable information needed to safeguard companies from the 250 billion dollars already being lost to Counterfeiting & piracy in the U.S. visit to learn more.
Vendor Qualification
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions' suppliers are subject to stringent vendor standards of quality and accountability to ensure that only the highest quality product is sourced for our customers. Our Aerospace 9120 Vendor Qualification and Corrective Action Program is designed to screen out problem vendors before they become a problem for our customers and to ensure that issues are traced back to their root cause for corrective action. This vendor program has proven successful in allowing us to maintain high quality product standards while continually reducing our supplier network.
Product Inspection
Our Quality Assurance (QA) Department references manufacturer specifications and employs visual/microscopic inspection to evaluate the component inventory that is received and processed to fulfill customer orders. Images are collected of products and any associated certification paperwork. Electronic Supply Chain Solutions has arrangements with testing houses to conduct functional product testing on any product that does not have a factory c of c. The ESCS inventory may be seen on our website ESCS states” The parts you see on our site are the exact parts that will be on your dock tomorrow morning. ESCS does not post availabilities.
Order Processing
Products which meet our customer specifications may be bar coded (in accordance with EIA/JEP 130, ANSI/EIA 556-B, and EIA 624 standards), packaged, invoiced, and shipped in accordance with customer-specified instructions.
Quality Certification
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions is both an AS9120 and ISO 9001:2000 certified distributor of electronic components.
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions' owns a building that has exterior and interior security systems (both electronic and physical) to safeguard your scheduled shipments. Electronic Supply Chain Solutions’ Operations Department has achieved electrostatic discharge (ESD) compliance throughout our facility and all employees are required to complete ESD training and receive a certificate annually.
Customer Satisfaction
We conduct customer satisfaction surveys annually to measure our objectives and exceed our customers' objectives. Our customers are also given an opportunity to take an ESCS Satisfaction Survey on our website
Our commitment to our customers begins by attracting, hiring, training, and providing professional growth opportunities for our service professionals that are empowered with building and supporting Electronic Supply Chain Solutions' customer’s relationships.