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Electronic Supply Chain Solutions 2007 in Review

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions 2007 in Review
ESCS wraps up its best year ever with some great accomplishments and products that benefited the electronics industry.
ESCS continued to offer value to the industry by enhancing the ESCS CLICKnGO Launch Pad aerospace portal with many new products that you just won’t find any where else.
The new ESCS DSCC DASHBOARD provides valuable jump points to aid in surfing government sites. This year ESCS introduced technology. The ICphotosynth links text, Data Sheet Search and photographs of our inventory as an individual web page incorporating the image and information of the exact part and date code that will arrive on your dock at 9:00am. ESCS also launched its consultative services which provide links to the U.S. Chamber of Congress CACP Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy and quality industry related facts to Combat Counterfeits. ESCS attended the 4th annual world summit in Washington and has been providing this information to select customers on a request basis.
As a member of the CACP ESCS plans to do more in 2008 to keep the electronics industry informed as to the steps they can take! We also added the new which is a cross between a video game of doom and an art gallery. Upon entering the vault users are informed that “ESCS Gives You the Room to Know” Many of our customers have made additional requests for content in the vault and all we can say is…just wait and see in 2008
ESCS completed its 4th AS9120 and ISO9001 quality audit with a 98.7% and continued to demonstrate to the aerospace industry its value by launching several websites that address their needs.ESCS added and also provided AEROSPACE SPARES which declares “If it Floats, Flies, or Rolls we support it” ESCS also offers two different locators INFORMATION LOCATOR SERVICE and INVENTORY LOCATOR SERVICES Many of the new customers added this year were prime contractors who recognize the value of dealing with a quality minded company such as Electronic Supply Chain Solutions. They found “Vendor reduction starts by adding ESCS”

ESCS changed its focus this year choosing not to support the brokers demand for our hand picked inventory. ESCS invested heavily in products that were required to support it’s customers on going requirements during the current market of government holds and manufactures allocations. Most of our inventory comes with the mfg c of c or is tested to meet standards.
ESCS also continued it’s sponsorship of Team Krunch 79 robotics along with Honeywell and others and are proud to report 2007 was spectacular!
Visit the ESCS CLICKnGO and click on First Robotics to learn how you can become involved in your local school.
As in the past, ESCS rewarded its Suppliers who demonstrated a perfect record of on-time and quality this year by awarding certificates acknowledging their achievements.
2008 promises to start off with a bang and you will just have to wait till then to see why 66% of the unique visitors to ESCS bookmark our site!
We have some new products to roll out so……………………... is the place to go (hint) Come back in the New Year !!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

“Vendor Reduction Starts By Adding ESCS an AS9120 Quality Certified Distributor ”

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions provides many services to Combat Counterfeits.
The ICPhotosynth exhibits the exact photo of the available for sale inventory.
ESCS also links the photo to the MFG’s Data Sheet Search for verification.
Our RoHS Forum guides you to the MFG’s RoHS initiatives page to determine current availabilities.
The ESCS DSCC DASHBOARD provides valuable jump points to aid in surfing government sites.
ESCS provides AEROSPACE SPARES “If it Floats, Flies, or Rolls we support it”
Many of these links are accessed at ESCS CLICKnGO or our MY INFORMATION VAULT
ESCS was one of the first distributors to become AS9120 Quality Certified and uses Evidence Based Protocols.
ESCS believes that "Vendor Reduction Starts By Adding ESCS" One visit and you’ll know why!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ESCS Gives You The Room To Know

Thousands of companies around the world every month visit and utilized the many informative tools that Electron Supply Chain Solutions Inc has to offer. It’s extremely successful CLICKnGO product serves as a portal for buyers and engineers and the content from one single page is more than can be found anywhere else in the world. This may explain why 66% of those visitors bookmarked it as one of their favorites.
ESCS President Matthew Heaphy III said “We continue on a pretty aggressive schedule to invent products that benefit both our prospects as well as our current customers in addressing demands of the supply chain in the electronic component industry. Our latest product started” out as an IV to send the needed information to the source that required it.”
The ESCS IV became which is a cross between a video game of doom and an art gallery. Upon entering the vault users are informed that “ESCS Gives You the Room to Know” Along the walls artwork logos can be selected which navigates the user directly to the required products ESCS has created as well as our robotics sponsorship and our Blogger which contains information you can use that you won’t find anywhere else but ESCS

ESCS Launches Aerospace Spares Website

Press Release-.........Due to the increased demand for Quality
Aerospace Spares……......Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Inc. has introduced its latest website dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the many repair & overhaul companies that require a distributor with an AS9120 Quality Certification.
ECSC says “If it Floats, Flies or Rolls we support it” This added service is seen as a tremendous benefit for both military and aerospace companies that are trying to combat counterfeits while fulfilling their just in time requirements.
Visit today to experience the many free tools ESCS has to offer.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Electronic Supply Chain Solution's Evidence Based Protocols Combat Counterfeits

Electronic Supply Chain Solution's Evidence Based Protocols Combat Counterfeits
Despite the substantial prevalence and adverse consequences of counterfeiting, the knowledge related to preventing these problems, is neither widely available nor promoted in the electronics industry. Given the financial restrictions facing companies today, guidance is needed to direct the limited available resources toward the protection of a quality management system that has a proven effectiveness. To support this effort, ESCS utilizes evidence based protocols that mitigate the risk to aid in the prevention of counterfeit components in the supply chain. Many companies restriction of added suppliers has been proven counter productive and does not address the real need to review the whole current AVL.

ESCS performs supplier reviews. The purpose of these is to highlight prevention and early intervention that has a demonstrated proven effectiveness. ESCS identifies the scope of each supplier i.e.: only relays or only connectors and then evaluates not only their on-time track record but also their practices, or quality certifications such as AS9120 in the case of an aerospace electronic component distributor which would lay the framework of a valued supplier. ESCS also provides a comprehensive annual review of the suppliers total performance with evidence based metrics kept during the year. This serves as empirical evidence of the need to retain or discard each supplier and identifies any short comings or demanded areas of improvement in order for them to remain on the ESCS AVL (approved vendor list)
As an independent we have a broader vision of where the world inventory is coming from and can safeguard companies from the pitfalls of dealing with high-risk individuals. Our current evidence base protocols provide direction for our customers regarding counterfeit product prevention through early intervention services. This information can be useful when standard channels or practices are not available or effective.
Large prime military companies are looking towards companies like ESCS that have focused their efforts on the education and preventive measures that manufactures need to take. ESCS is paving the future directions for companies as they try to combat counterfeits in their supply chain.
This year ESCS introduced technology. The ICphotosynth links text, data sheets and photographs of our inventory as an individual web page incorporating the image and information of the exact part and date code that will arrive on your dock at 9:00am. This service was added to the very successful CLICKnGO launch pad portal for buyers and engineers. ESCS was the third U.S. electronic distributor to become certified to the Aerospace AS9120 quality standard. By completing its fourth annual aerospace AS9120 audit with a 98.9%, ESCS continues to prove they are a quality advocate. ESCS is also part of the CACP “Collation Against Counterfeiters and Piracy.” ESCS shares valuable information from the CACP and members of the U.S. Chamber of Congress. ESCS supplies information to its customers upon request and maintains which provides everyone free information to safeguard your supply chain. Explore our site to learn of our participation in the recent world counterfeiting summit in Washington
ESCS consultative services are provided as a free service. To learn how you can use “Evidence-Based Practices for Preventing Counterfeits,”
Visit “Our CLICKnGO is the Aerospace Industries Portal”

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What is all the hype about ESCS using EVIDENCE BASED PROTOCOLS to Mitigate Risk ????

You can’t go to a purchasing meeting without the topic of counterfeits being discussed in today supply chain. But talking about it on the buyer’s level just does not address the many safeguards that must in concert in order to properly protect your company.

Mandating the need to reduce suppliers or limiting the addition of new suppliers has given many companies more problems in procurement without achieving the desired result.
Past performance does not guarantee future results and while that good old supplier may have been meeting your past needs, companies have to take a proactive approach to insure that their supplier’s provide the subjective evidence that their source of supply is protected.
Some of the suggested minimum criteria to protect your company should include:
Control of Documents & Records

A documented purchasing process
Systems to safeguard you against counterfeits
Verification of Purchased Product
Identification and Split Lot Traceability
Preservation of Product
Inspection of Documentation
Evidence of ConformanceControl of Non-Conforming Product
Mandating of Flow-Down Requirements
Annual Surveillance by independent third party quality auditors.
Many of the large prime contractors in the electronic industry are leading the charge by demanding that their suppliers be independently quality certified. While the old ISO 9001-2000 standard help commercial businesses recognize the need for a quality manament system, is stops far short of the stringent requirements needed for military and aerospace companies today. A special Aerospace quality standard is now required and its foundation starts with ISO9001-2000. The AS9100 Aerospace standard adds 86 addition conditions that must be made a part of the way companies (plan, do, check). While this new standard was added several years ago, very few have actually gone through this process and are currently certified to either AS9100 for manufacturers, AS9120 for stockiest distributors or AS9110 for repair stations.
Companies should make part of their supplier review process a visit to OASIS, The IAQG Online Aerospace Supplier Information System
OASIS provides documented certification by country and by quality standard. If your supplier is not listed there then demand the written proof their quality system is certified and then verify it. To say one is quality compliant is far from what must be demanded as a minimum quality standard.
As a supplier with an aerospace AS9120 certification ESCS is using what is known in the medical feild as EVIDENCE BASED PROTOCOLS. EVIDENCE BASED PROTOCOL is the practice of using historical proven data to suggest a course of action that can drastically mitigate the risk of counterfeit products in your supply chain.
Visit to learn how to protect you companies supply chain.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Google was a math term 1 plus 1000 zeros

Then came GOOGLE the website!
There was no web site in the world, where you could find thousands of MFG’s sites; shop electronic components by commodity, search connectors by milspec or drill down to hundreds of MFG’s RoHS initiative pages instantly …. There wasn’t a place you could
search for over one million data sheets and pinpoint specifically selected government DSCC sites all from one place. Not even google could do that …
THEN …. Came the ESCS CLICKnGO Launch Pad for buyers & engineers The brainchild of Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, an independent stocking distributor of electronic components that catered to the military customers. ESCS created a site that is bookmarked by over 62% of it’s unigue visitors! ESCS continues to lead the industry in aerospace quality after becoming the third U.S. distributor to be AS9120 certified for quality which was built on ISO9001 that they also attained. ESCS became one of the first companies to join the U.S. Chamber of Commerce “Coalition Against Counterfeits and Piracy”. Outraged by the 250 Billion U.S. dollars lost to counterfeiters each year, in 2007 ESCS established ESCS Consultative Services to Combat Counterfeits. The free service ESCS created gives back to the electronics industry and is a place for corporations to go to learn how to protect their supply chain and conduct business with out the fear of losing it all! This site offers: whitepapers, best industry practices, CACP videos, daily press releases and much more! Electronic Supply Chain Solutions slogan “Vendor reduction starts by adding ESCS” is a call to action for companies to look at what ESCS has to offer and compare it to what they are currently accepting. Any one who owns stock knows past performance does not guarantee future returns. We must Combat Counterfeits.


Did you know the DOD is Buying Green?

"The DOD is Greening the Government through Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Federal Acquisition Regulations"
The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is a good steward of resources in buying green and meeting its mission and in playing a significant role in identifying and addressing issues such as health & safety, environmental protection, including human health, animals, plants, and sea world. Success stories, case histories, current trends, and technological solutions for environmental protection, and enhancement in health and safety issues show that DOD has made quite good and significant progress in compliance with the mandatory Federal, State, and local regulations.
DOD has its own compliance programs and is now striving to prepare beyond compliance and understanding sustainability how to make it work as a part of business process. Everyone has to make efforts demonstrating commitment to environmental compliance, education and stewardship. Everyone is a partner in this struggle, protecting life and the environment. Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Inc offers a RoHS Forum for both customers and manufactures to share thier RoHS initiatives as a service to the electronics community.

What does green purchasing mean ?
It means buying:
Recycled products
Conserving energy and water
Alternate fuel vehicles and fuels
Bio-based and environmentally preferable products
Use of Non-ozone depleting substances

Use of alternative priority chemicals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, PCBs, Naphthalene
Environmentally preferable purchasing highlights multiple environmental attributes and lifecycle considerations. It is very important that the purchasers must know, study, evaluate the products and their environmental issues while making purchasing decisions. For example some bio-based products may not be beneficial to environment in every situation. There is always a risk to the environment from military activities unless we promote improved chemical management practices globally.
The international environmental management system ( EMS, ISO 14001) identifies the aspects of business which could affect the environment. It complies with legislative and other requirements, establishes goals and objectives, thus, achieving continuous improvement towards at all stages of operations. This
Electronic Supply Chain Solutuion website is listed as references to understand environmental management system in greening aerospace industry:
More information is available from where 62% of the unique visitors bookmark the site! There must be a lot of info. Visit and see for your self!

Friday, September 7, 2007

ESCS Answers RLR DSCC Hold

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Answers RLR DSCC Hold Resistors

Clearwater, FL. September 7, 2007 – Military buyers in search of “DSCC Hold” RLR05C & RLR07C resistors may find what they're looking for at .
DID YOU KNOW>>>> In June 2006 DSCC deemed all products of certain values of RLR05 & RLR07C resistors newer than week 0446 to be unacceptable their by eliminating almost all of the franchised stock held. This hold was to last until Dec. 2006, but has now been pushed out until Oct. 2007. Well, these R & S level resistors may not become available to government rated orders until sometime in 2008 if at all!!!!!

After detecting the initial signs of a shortage in June 2006, and responding to forecasts that allocation may last through October 2007, ESCS has just completed its second significant buy of the RLR05C & RLR07C Resistors. We continue to buy values daily.

The RLR inventory buy falls in line with ESCSs’ commitment to being the source for allocated, obsolete, and hard-to-find products. Most buying professionals know that there is more to surviving a shortage than sourcing. By approaching the challenges of the market with our customer's needs in mind, ESCS aims to provide products that will sustain it's customers near term future demands. Electronic Supply Chain Solutions is one of a handful of suppliers who are aerospace AS9120 certified. ESCS has created a unique product called which allows you to see the components that will be delivered to your dock tomorrow! Calling your ESCS representative at 727-723-8255 may provide additional required stock. Sales to brokers are discouraged as ESCS does not buy product by the skid to be sold as surplus.

Each part is procured one at a time, photographed and must have certs or be tested at the test house of your choice. Upon completion of this testing the product is set aside and removed from visibility. Only ESCS customers shall be privy to this allocated stock. At ESCS we "Combat Counterfeits” for our Customers! What are your current suppliers doing to protect you? Visit to learn more.

Need any RLR05C & RLR07C Resistors? Visit

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Microsemi and others seek Metallurgical Bond Evaluation Methods for Diodes

Metallurgical bond evaluations of diodes have been a subject
of interest for many years. It has stimulated the use of additional
evaluation tools and methods over the last decade that
are still evolving. This MicroNOTE will provide some added
background and information on this topic.
Metallurgical bonding requirements for Category I, II, or III
are defined in MIL-PRF-19500, Appendix A, paragraph
Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) procedures also
exist to determine when bonds are acceptable. This has
involved the MIL-STD-1580A and B revisions entitled
“Destructive Physical Analysis for Electronic,
Electromagnetic, and Electromechanical Parts”, as well as
method 2101 in MIL-STD-750 for diodes. In some respects,
there have been notable differences between them that may
have also resulted in different dispositions of DPAs.
However with recent changes in MIL-STD-1580B including a
section for “Detailed Requirements for Glass Bodied Diodes”,
these two methods now better support one another. We will
review some of the previous possible conflicts and how they
are now resolved.
The oldest method for bond evaluation involving MIL-STD-
1580A provided for cross-sectional analysis with a minimum
of 50% bond criteria of the available area. It did not separately
recognize any of the three different metallurgical bond categories
now identified in MIL-PRF-19500. This criterion may
have been misleading unless multiple cross-sections were also
The MIL-STD-750, Method 2101 is entitled “DPA Procedures
for Diodes”. It supports MIL-PRF-19500 by recognizing all
three metallurgical bond categories and their different requirements.
Although cross sectioning is still included for design
verification in method 2101, it is not intended for the exclusive
disposition of bond voids in the same manner as MILSTD-
1580A previously did. For example, method 2101 also
provides a scribe-and-break procedure for glass-axial-lead and
surface-mount diodes. It also recognizes thermal impedance
as a bond indicator, particularly for Category III where crosssectional
analysis or scribe-and-break methods may not be as
This latter Category III example is where a “diffusion bond” is
provided only between the outermost metallization layer of the
elements being joined as defined in MIL-PRF-19500M,
Appendix A. For Category I or II, the scribe-and-break
method typically reveals the strength of the bond regions by
showing pulled silicon at a die interface. If the glass package
envelope contacting the die causes the silicon to break in an
undesired location, the broken device may be further analyzed
as described below.
The "Silver button with braze" construction is an example
specifically defined in Method 2101 as a Category II metallurgical
bond. Bonding in these products by Microsemi is
achieved with braze preforms between the die and plugs. The
preforms are designed to melt in a controlled manner during
the sealing/braze process. When evaluations were sometimes
made with the older MIL-STD-1580A, random voids in individual
cross-sectional planes could appear to be 50% or
greater. However when the entire die is removed and the actual
bond is measured, there has been consistently greater than
60% bonds in Microsemi evaluations. This has also been confirmed
by cross sectioning at a 2nd and 3rd plane (see figures
1, 2, and 3 examples) as well as by using an additional scribe,
break, and dig procedure.
Figure 1

(25% location through die)
Although not a requirement of Method 2101 for scribe and
break, Microsemi has also evaluated each bond by scraping or
digging through all of the bond interfaces. All of these evaluations
reveal bonding areas well beyond the requirements of
Method 2101. To demonstrate this, Microsemi evaluated 3
devices that were cross-sectioned from a JANS assembly lot.
These cross-sectional photos can sometimes exhibit bond-area
voids at a single plane that exceed 75% as seen in figures 4
and 5. Microsemi then performed a scribe, break, scrape, and
dig procedure on additional samples to evaluate all of the
device interfaces such as in figures 6 and 7. By taking the
photo of the worst interface (figure 7), and running an imaginary
line through it in various planes to simulate a cross-section
photo, one can see the pitfalls of cross-sectional analysis
by itself as an acceptance tool as previously referenced in the
older MIL-STD-1580A if done only on one plane.
Cross sectioning in a single plane is useful, but not as a standalone
method for bond evaluation. This handicap also applies
to other assembly designs including solder-bond contacts
defined in Category II or diffused bonds in Category III. The
MIL-STD-750 Method 2101 recognizes these limitations and
offers other methods of confirming bond integrity. This
includes scribe-and-break and thermal impedance testing to
ensure thermal transfer qualities out of the die-bond region as
described in MIL-STD-750, Method 3101. These additional
analytical tools are also now cross-referenced in the latest
revision of MIL-STD-1580B as described earlier.
Figure 2
(50% location through die)
Figure 3
(75% location through die)
Figure 4
Figure 5
There are also many other considerations for a good quality
bond analysis when using cross sectioning for glass encapsulated
voidless construction such as those with Tungsten slugs
for Category I bonds. For example, scribe-and-break techniques
may not be practical for bond analysis since silicon
will often shatter with these voidless designs. During cross
sectioning, particular care must be taken to prevent inducing
voids from die to slug during initial grinding when micro fracturing
of silicon silicides occur from variations in the type of
abrasive, grinding direction, pressure, etc. Also care must be
taken to prevent crack damage during cross sectioning. For
more details, refer to Microsemi MicroNOTE 035 entitled
“Metallographic Cross-Sectioning Techniques for the
Performance of DPA of Glass Encapsulated Voidless
Construction Diodes”.
Figure 6 Figure 7
by: Kent Walters & Al Russo
The above article is provided to you by FYI
ESCS provides information to make sound business decsions. (hope this helps)

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Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Adds Value

ESCS Value Added Services
Customers can learn about ESCS sevices at

Asset Management

Excess Inventory Management
In today’s highly competitive marketplace it is vital that every resource a company spends is focused on its most current products and core competencies. ESCS recognizes that need and offers several programs to address our customer’s excess inventory. ESCS will tailor a program to meet your corporation’s unique goals. Your needs and objectives are discussed to provide you the opportunity to increase your operational efficiencies and reduce your expenses thru the outsourcing of your excess inventory.
ESCS offers the needed funding to free up product that has the proper traceability that can be resold to our customers without additional testing.
Product that does not meet our quality requirements shall be handled separately and sold off as scrap to another approved source.

Quick Cash Purchase
If you need to recover inventory costs immediately, ESCS will pay cash for your inventory. We can quickly provide a bid to purchase your excess and eliminate future inventory carrying costs. Simply provide a list of saleable parts you have traceability for and ESCS will make a cash offer. If you do not have the proper paper work, just give us a call and tell us what you have to sell. Once the offer is accepted, we shall instruct you where to ship the inventory. Upon inspection and proper receipt of described inventory
ESCS shall pay net 30 days the agreed amount less any discrepancies discovered during receipt of goods.

Consignment Exclusive
When utilizing the consignment program the seller gives ESCS the exclusive right to market and sell their excess inventory (included on spreadsheet with all relevant c of c details). ESCS shall sell the product and ask that the stock be transferred to our shipping location within 3 business days. The product is then counted and inspected per ESCS standards. Upon acceptance by ESCS and shipment of product to the customer, ESCS will provide an end of month audited accounting of the inventory sold that calendar month. When you participate in this program your parts are sold only by ESCS. We then split the revenue with you which may result in
a return of more than what you paid for it! $$$$$$$$
Our staff knows the market conditions. Try us and see! visit

Procurement Services

End-Of-Life Inventory Management

With our extensive network of industry partners, we can discreetly move products to alternate channels while reducing inventories, increasing liquidity, and maximizing the value of obsolete stock. ESCS will negotiate directly with the manufacturers for last time buys, and design a schedule that will minimize the impact of taking the entire product at one time.

Engineering Services - Free
Whether the project involves a new design, a complete re-design, or a migration from obsolete components, our sales team is well versed in reading and understanding the requirements of a specified drawing. ESCS can work with your staff to provide you a comprehensive solution to a broad range of manufacturers and technologies.

Part Number Management
ESCS maintains a database that provides us with an effective management of internal and external part numbering schemes. Our staff can often identify if a company has assigned multiple internal numbers to the same manufacturers part number saving you money on excess inventory. Military parts with dual part marking are also identified.

Kitting of Connectors
Our kitting capability ensures our customers receive the components they need rather than the large minimums demanded by some of the large distributors. Product is delivered in a bag & tag method with the internal P/N, cage code, and quantity of the various components required for each of the kitted components. In our complete pre-counted packages our customers enjoy the following benefits: reduces inventory, minimizes storage space, and reduces ordering complexity which saves money. visit
ESCS approved suppliers can fabricate connectors to your drawing or to a milspec.
We can deliver some D38999 connectors in just 7 days.
Let ESCS schedule your annual connector needs today.
We buy ahead to allow for those unscheduled pull-ins.

Product Preparation

Device Deprogramming & Testing
ESCS provides third party services of deprogramming product to ensure the blank product shall accept the new required programming. These testing capabilities allow clients to enjoy the highest level of component quality.

Bar Coding
Bar coding is contained in our product identification, which reduces cycle time and facilities automated routing. ESCS has the systems in place that supports all industry-standard bar code symbologies and formats; however, we are not utilizing its total capabilities at this time.

Dry Packing
ESCS uses an outside service to dry pack our product when requested. This process can lengthen shelf life by reducing the likelihood of moisture damage to components. As a service to our customers we may sell less than a full minimum. In this case we would send out the requested quantity for dry packing as well as the remaining inventory. MSL level III packaging is also available upon request. ESCS does not, as part of its quality management system, perform these services or maintain any nitrogen on site.

Lead Forming & Tinning
ESCS currently out sources lead forming for many prime contractors’ drawings. ESCS staff will work with your engineers to ensure the forming called out on your drawing is acknowledged by our supplier, and all foot prints and coplanary issues are agreed to prior to performance of any work. To ensure product older than two years accepts solder, ESCS recommends and outsources it’s tinning. This gives our customers the assurance that all products will accept solder, and not slow down production.

Tape & Reeling
ESCS works with customers to improve their manufacturing efficiency. Our approved third party tape and reel capability allows us to provide specific components on a reel for direct introduction to our customers' manufacturing process. Whether you are looking to meet your standard costs or react to a crisis, we offer both a value offering as well as a short run or express service.

ESCS 3023 Eastland Blvd. Bldg H-109 Clearwater, Florida 33761 Tel: 727-723-8255 • Fax: 727-723-9246

ESCS Electronic Supply Chain Solutions has got your back.

ESCS Quality Statement & Certifications

ESCS Electronic Supply Chain Solutions was one of the first in our industry to be certified to AS9120 and holds the highest quality standards to date.
ISO 9001:2000 & AS9120:2002 in accordance with the requirements of AS9104 issued by NQA National Quality Assurance USA and ia ANAB accredited. NQA also certified NASA

Our quality assurance process begins with procurement, which includes an approved vendor data base and continuous measurement of vendor performance (on-time & quality). A matrix is kept of these ratings. Companies that maintain a perfect on-time and quality rating with out any SCARS are presented with an annual certificate of acknowledgement. ESCS cannot absolutely guarantee against counterfeit product, however the Electronic Supply Chain Solutions AS9120 certified quality management system has proven very successful in achieving a near-zero defect rating. Products and packaging undergo both a visual incoming inspection and a comparison to manufacturer specifications. Product that is purchased directly from the manufacturer and / or its franchised distributor are demanded to be broken down by separate lot and date code. AS9120 demands split lot traceability which ESCS is to keep on file for 7 years. Product that does not have the proper pedigree paperwork is sent out to a third party test house for a functional or internal visual test. Products with date codes older than 2 years are often tinned as to ensure solderability. ESCS ships only products that completely adhere to all of our customer supplemental purchase order conditions. ESCS flows these conditions to our suppliers to ensure the product ordered is what is and delivered on-time!
Both an AS9120: 2002 & ISO 9001:2000 certification means we are looking out for you!
Achieving ISO 9001:2000 has been done by many companies in the past ten years but only a handful of distributors have under taken the extra 100 requirements that were deemed to be necessary to the aerospace industry. This goes beyond being dedicated to the adherence of every quality and performance standard created by the International Standards Organization (ISO). Our commitment to the highest quality through constant measurement and improvement of our processes is unsurpassed, and has resulted in exceeding our customer’s expectations.

ESCS is scheduled for its 4th annual AS9120 audit and is a quality advocate. The website is packed with information both customers and suppliers can use to “Combat Counterfeits” and protect themselves while they pursue an aerospace quality management system. Visit ESCS is a member of the “Coalition Against Counterfeiting” an affiliate of the US Chamber of Congress.

ESCS 3023 Eastland Blvd. Bldg H-109 Clearwater, Florida 33761
• Phone: 727-723-8255 • Fax: 727-723-9246



Many independent distributors subscribe to putting their website graphic user interface over a broker search engine that lists its members around the world inventory. While the whole world’s real or available inventory shows up as available from your supplier, the truth is that your professional sales person has visibility to what is real and most suppliers that post inventory on their websites usually don’t have any inventory at all.

At ESCS we believe that by giving our customers the information they need they can make sound business decisions. After our investigation we provide the market conditions and offer the best product from our approved suppliers ensuring we make a timely delivery of a product you can trust. Where does that cheap product come from?
China, India, Iraq, Mexico, etc. Broker stock from a rusty bucket is cheap as well.

As a member of the Coalition against Counterfeiting we can tell you first hand that counterfeit products are costing the US 750 BILLION dollars per year. Visit to learn ten steps you can take right now to protect your company. Ask to join the Electronic Supply Chain Solutions mailing list to be kept informed.

“Someone's excess inventory scheduled for scrap is usually rescued by a profiteer.” $$$$$$
Buy from a supplier who knows where the product came from and has the paperwork to prove it. If you have ever felt the ramification of buying substandard product and can remember all the facets of your business it affected, Deja Vu is a bad word! Visit or call Electronic Supply Chain Solutions 3023 Eastland Blvd. Bldg H-109 Clearwater, Florida 33761 • Phone: 727-723-8255 • Fax: 727-723-9246

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Disappearing Solder with a Lead-Free Process

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions shares valuable information from Bob Willis on…
Disappearing Solder with a Lead-Free Process

Question? “Have you ever wondered why you see changing volumes in your lead-free solder joints?” Although lead-free materials do have a different density they are actually talking about the loss of solder to the component terminations during reflow. During lead-free introductions it is common, but not ideal, to use tin-lead coated component termination either because nothing else is available or they have been supplied without warning. Using tin/lead terminations with a lead-free paste has been shown, in some studies, to have an impact on joint reliability and also cause secondary reflow on wave soldering resulting in lifted leads. With a lead-free process solder paste is printed on to the surface of the pads, most commonly 0.006” of paste is used. Ideally one of the alternative lead-free printed board finishes like gold, tin, silver or copper OSP is specified. Lead-free solder leveled alternative like tin/copper/nickel may also be considered to replace tin/lead and is by far the most solder able coating depending of course on thickness. Component terminations are then automatically placed into the surface of the paste; the board then passes for reflow in the normal way. During reflow the board passes through convection or vapor phase soldering (VPS) process reaching and exceeding a normal reflow temperature of 210-220°C used for tin/lead assembly. In this situation if the component terminations are tin/lead plated or dipped they will move into a liquid state and are very wettable, probably more so than most alternative PCB finishes and the alternative component termination plating like tin and palladium.
Example of tin/lead “Wicking” This resulted in an open intermittent joint.
When the lead-free solder paste reaches reflow temperature at 217-220°C the solder is far more likely to wet to the component termination particularly on leaded parts like SOIC, QFP or PLCC. The board assembly will continue to rise to 235-245°C and hold until all the terminations are above reflow for a minimum of 30 seconds. In the case of parts with leads there is a large surface area to wet. The result is “Wicking” a process defect that can occur during normal tin/lead processes when the solder ability of the PCB is poor and the component very solder able. In the past it was very likely to occur with convection and IR ovens with mainly top heating and limited bottom heating. It could also occur with mesh belt systems as the belt could hold the board temperature down allowing the component termination temperature to rise much faster. VPS originally exhibited this type of defect more commonly on batch vapor phase systems with no or poor preheat. In this case the lead terminations would reach soldering temperature much more quickly than the printed board.

Example of tin/lead paste “Wicking” on copper OSP board finish after reflow. This was due to incorrect PCB cleaning which stripped the OSP surface protecting from the pads.

Examples of “Wicking” on gold pads on a pocket pager application with tin/lead paste when the solder ability of the pads was poor.

Example of a satisfactory lead-free joint but the increased volume of solder can be seen on the surface of the tin/lead pin away from the joint area.
In the case of lead-free reflow with tin/lead component terminations the wicking process is practically the same. However, it can result in the reported disappearing solder contributing to the component coating and not joint formation. Although many people will not have seen this type of defect before it has been encountered and fairly well understood. It’s the lead-free aspect that may catch people out during manufacture and final inspection.

Three images showing tin/silver/copper paste reflowing with tin/lead component terminations exhibiting the wicking effect.
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Aerospace AS9120 Quality vs ISO 9001 Certified

Aerospace AS9120 Quality vs ISO 9001 certified
AS 9120 CertificationWhat is AS9120?AS9120 is a Quality Management Systems – Aerospace Requirements for Stockist Distributors was developed for pass through distributors of aerospace commodity items.This standard addresses chain of custody, traceability, control and availability of records.Based on ISO 9001:2000, but with nearly 100 additional requirements specific to aerospace distributors, AS9120 provides suppliers with a comprehensive quality system focused on areas directly impacting product safety and reliability including;Splitting – Specific requirements for batch splitting and lot splitting, and how conformance to specification is maintained.Airworthiness certificates – Defines the documents issued by cognizant civil aviation authorities that certifies that parts meet the required airworthiness requirements.Control of records – Record requirements differ significantly for distributors of aerospace product. AS9120 defines those requirements.Traceability – Defines specific requirements for traceability from receipt until delivery.Evidence of Conformance – Specific documents are required by distributors as evidence of conformance. AS9120 defines those requirements.Benefits of AS9120When your company aligns with an organization that is AS9120, you not only reap quality and efficiency benefits, but also theyare better able to meet customer expectations.Dealing with a company with an AS9120 Registration can also provide a competitive advantage by:Identifying opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction;Improved audit and surveillance efficiency;Reduced number of customer audits required, and a corresponding reduction in needed resources;Enhanced supplier performance due to higher quality, waste reduction, and a customer satisfaction focus that messurable. Streamlined documentation is always a plus.Why AS9120?An Aerospace Auditor has a diverse background that ranges from Aerospace manufacturing through all aspects of in service operations and maintenance. The auditor staff experience combine of many years of experience in research and development of new products and experience in compliance with regulatory or governmental procedures. Your typical ISO9001 auditor may not have the broad knowledge required to address Aerospace demands.Visit to learn more

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Ten steps a contract manufacturer can take
Know where your components are coming from and who is selling them to you.
Verify your shipment either through a source inspection or a surprise personal on-site vendor check. Review their quality management system.
Examine paperwork to review lots and date codes. Inquire if more than one is supplied. If product is subject to being (pulled) beware of great values.
Look for the name and address of the company producing the goods, which should be on the box. If there's no address, be suspicious, because counterfeiters tend not to be traceable.
Check the packaging quality. Most counterfeiters often use cheap packaging.
Choose products that are sold through reputable distributors and verify what measures they have taken to insure a quality product is being delivered!
Send out random received product for testing when time allows.
Remember “if it quacks like a duck it probably is a duck”.
Review your buyers with the lowest product price variance as values are often achieved by sacrificing quality.
Avoid buying from China as their laws do not prosecute counterfeiters and 40% of the $250,000,000,000.00 yes billion counterfeit products are from China. Ask your suppliers to sign a letter stating they do not procure products directly from China. Ask your suppliers to review their suppliers.
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Electronic Supply Chain Solutions (ESCS) website is designed not only to be a source of information about ESCS and its services, but also a user-oriented portal for buyers of aerospace components. ESCS sources hard-to-find electronic components and other items for the aerospace industry. ESCS offers this useful information to General dictionaries and glossaries

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ESCS became the 3rd Electronic distributor in the U.S. to achieve the highest quality standard of Aerospace 9120 in addition to their ISO9001-2000 on August 5th 2005

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Here's Why, How, and Who you should call!

You will at some point outsource procurement: Here's Why, How, and Who you should call!
Procurement service providers offer companies the ability to improve spending coverage, reduce costs for goods and services, employ industry best practices, leverage the latest procurement technologies, and streamline approved suppliers, all without taking on the risks and assets required to achieve such results. Electronic Supply Chain Solutions offers companies access to a wide scope of products quickly. ESCS also provides the required paperwork, from an approved supplier base to protect you from counterfeits. ESCS maintains an Aerospace AS9120 quality certification to ensure your demanded quality. You will at some point outsource procurement. ESCS is who you should call! 727-723-8255 or visit

President Bush and Members of Congress to Honor FIRST Students on April 30th, 2007

President Bush and Members of Congress to Honor FIRST Students on April 30th, 2007

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions is thrilled to announce that three FIRST Robotic teams will be honored by President George W. Bush at the White House on Monday, April 30, 2007. Approximately one hundred students and mentors representing three of the top teams from the FIRST Community will meet with the President to share their experiences and achievements. The teams, who received top honors at this month's FIRST Championship held at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, are: Team 365, the "Miracle Workerz" of MOE Robotics Group from Wilmington, Delaware who won the FIRST Robotics Competition 2007 Chairman's Award Team 1677, "Access 9" from South Bend, Indiana who was awarded the 2nd Place FIRST LEGO League Champion's Award Team 3053, "Occam's Engineers" from Mendham, New Jersey who received the FIRST Vex Challenge Inspire Award FIRST Founder Dean Kamen, FIRST Chairman John Abele, FIRST President Paul Gudonis, NASA Program Executive for Solar System Exploration Dave Lavery, and key sponsors of this visit to Washington from BAE Systems, Boston Scientific, and General Motors, will join the teams at this celebration of their achievements. Following the White House visit, the teams will attend a Congressional Reception hosted by Congressman Jim Langevin where they will give presentations, demonstrate their robots, and share their accomplishments with members of Congress.

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions sponsors Team Krunch 79 that took 2nd in the National Championships and was the only team to achieve 5 consecutive Chairmans Awards. Thier 2007 accomplishments include that Team 79 is invited to be in the book “FIRST Robots: Behind the Design” (2007 edition) by being a Xerox Championship FIRST Engineering Award Winner. This is literally the “Who’s Who of FIRST Robotic Design”. That along with its Johnson & Johnson Sportsmanship award describes a team that deserves more than honorable mention.
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions supports youth robotics and knows investing in our future engineers is "one small step for us and one big step for mankind" Get involved in FIRST today!

Friday, April 20, 2007

2007 First Robotic National Championship

Congratulations to the East Lake Robotics Team Krunch79, sponsored by ESCS & Honeywell which competed this past weekend and took 2nd place in the Nationals in Atlanta, GA

Team Krunch79 achievements for the 2007 Competition Season included:

  • 2007 FIRST Robotics National Finalist (Placed 2nd)
  • The Johnson & Johnson Sportsmanship Award (In Las Vegas - 2007) - which celebrates outstanding sportsmanship and continuous gracious professionalism in the heat of competition, both on and off the playing field.
  • The XEROX Creativity Award which celebrates creativity in design, use of component, or strategy of play.
  • The 2007 Regional Chairman's Award (only team to achieve 5 Consecutive Years)

Florida Governor Charlie Crist's office, has requested Team 79 to come to Tallahassee for a "press conference and meeting" with the Governor.

ESCS continues its support of Team Krunch 79 throughout 2007 as they offer summer work shops and other exciting events. Visit to learn more!

Join us in 2008! It will be Krunch time as Team 79 will be up for a new challenge!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

First Robotics Competition 2007

ESCS joins Honeywell in it's continued sponsorhip of Team KRUNCH79 (East Lake High School Robotics Team) in their participation of the First Robotics Competition 2007.

In 2006, Team KRUNCH79 with the help of Honeywell engineers and other mentors competed amongst 60 teams on March 10, 2006 to become the  2006 FRC Florida Regional Winning Alliance.

Visit FIRST For more information on details of the Robotic Competition.

Visit ESCS News Page