Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Decade Past & ESCS Plans in 2010 . . . “The Way Forward”

It's been 10 Years since Y2K and ESCS is still here! 
What we didn’t know was coming…. The stock market would crash, most dot.com companies would also crash, The WTC towers would fall and from that many of us would face large scale mortality. The Columbia space shuttle would explode killing all 7 inhabitants. A Tsunami in the Indian Ocean would kill 500,000 people. Our country would be deeply divided and it would force many of us to grow up “politically.” A bruising economic crash would physiologically wound many of us. MP3 players would become the rage with Napster. The IPOD would be introduced and then the Iphone; changing how we listen to music. Social networks would go high-tech with MySpace, Facebook, Tweeting wouldn’t just be for birds… Our new lingo would include... Alternative Medicine, American Idol, Blogging, Blu-rays, Cougars, Crocs, Dancing with the Stars, DVR’s, Food Network, Going Green, HDTV, Information Overload, iTunes, USB Drives, Texting, Wii, & YouTube. What the next 10 years may bring is both scary and exciting. I am a techno guy and can't wait! The way ESCS does business has also changed and will continue to embrace the added value technology brings. The old paradigms do not work so we must adapt. Hopefully, the greed of counterfeiters can be combated and substituted for pride in one’s work, a quest for excellence and quality, service, value and putting customers first. I’m optimistic of Electronic Supply Chain Solutions future. We have many new strategies and are constantly reinventing ourselves to be able to mitigate the risks of counterfeits while continue to meet our customers aerospace quality demands. AS9120 & AS5553 compliance will be mandatory. ESCS is scheduled for its seventh AS9120 quality audit and hoping for a 3rd 100% score for Y2K+10
By ESCS President Matthew Heaphy III