Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Any company can quickly find themselves in legal hell if they do not take the required steps to mitigate thier risks as it relates to quality of the product it manufactures or distributes.

Some companies have promoted thier recieving staff to become the only inspector, while others have invested in IDEA's 1010A inspection standard or other published products and maintain a team of inspectors to help combat counterfeits. Well what about attrition or promotions? What about the inspectors interpretation, judgement, mood or the posibility of human error. Is 5 inspectors enough? ....... SHOULD INSPECTION BE YOUR ONLY LINE OF DEFENSE ?

We all know the awnser but.... Are you only using AS9120 certified distributors? Are you demanding that your distributor identify the source of the supplied component?

CHECK OUT from Electronic Supply Chain Solutions Inc.
It may save your company from legal hell!!!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Aerospace Contractors Search for a Formula to Combat Counterfeits Thru Vendor Reduction C-vR=? + ESCS= * *Benefits of AS9120 Certified Suppliers

Company minus vendors plus ESCS equals many benefits to your supply chain!
Add AS9120 certified companies. (ESCS .inspection lab shown above)
Many aerospace companies are now actively reducing vendors as one way to mitigate risks of counterfeits in their supply chain. Those suppliers who merely adopted ISO9001 certifications are finding that it may be O.K. for streamlining the manufacture or distribution of clock radios; however aerospace industry prime contractors have adopted the aerospace quality standards: AS9100 for manufacturing, AS9110 for repair & overhaul and AS9120 for stockist distributors.
AS9120 distributors that can buy small quantities or consolidate a diversity of products from multiple suppliers have found a new niche. This has the effect of reducing administration costs and providing a single point of contact, while improving the overall cost effectiveness of your supply chain.
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, having achieved a 100% score in its 5th aerospace AS9120 audit, (see our audit on OASIS Database) is benefiting from its mantra of “Vendor Reduction Starts By Adding ESCS”.
Many of the leading Aerospace companies are intrigued by the level of sophistication ESCS has demonstrated with its unique suite of web products, commitment to quality, advocacy to combat counterfeits and the new industry buzz of their Safe Source Seal Aerospace Sourcing Assurance Program”, which is the first program shifting the responsibility for identifying the source of supply to the distributor rather than putting 100% of the burden on the customer’s inspection department. Yes our inspection lab is first rate but... we still leave the testing to 3rd parties.
ESCS’ Quality Manager Jan Salatino attributes the large increase in our aerospace customers to the fact that our AS9120 QMS system has matured, and for those who have accepted the mediocrity of ISO compliant or ISO9001 certified distributors, ESCS is a breath of fresh air. One quality manager recently told us “I never heard of you guys and now that I have taken the time to understand your capabilities and accomplishments, we refer to ESCS as “ the poster child of quality”. Jan said, “ESCS proudly practices quality as the fabric of who we are and what we do. I cannot understand for the life of me why any AS9100 aerospace contractor would continue to source products from companies who don’t have the quality procedures in place under AS9120 to flow down their customers’ stringent AS9100 requirements.”
“ESCS has recently redefined its “COTSS” website, showcasing the many “Component Off The Shelf Services” we provide. Our sales staff is prepared to discuss the benefits to aerospace customers that can be derived by partnering with Electronic Supply Chain Solutions. I think things will be fine in 2009.”

Monday, January 12, 2009

ESCS Promotes the ABC's of Quality. Are you prepared for the CMSE conference?

As an electronic component procurement professional, we know you're concerned about ensuring your company has an effective counterfeit risk mitigation strategy.
You may be planning on attending the upcoming CMSE 2009 - Components for Military and Space Electronics Conference to be held February 9-12, 2009 in San Diego.
If not Electronic Supply Chain Solutions wants you to be up to date on industry trends, and prepared for the key issues facing those in the procurement of electronic components.
Do you know the difference between COTS and COTSS ? Visit to learn more
Do you know the ten most important steps you can take to reduce risk of receiving counterfeit electronic components?
Do you know the six most recommended "minimum distributor criteria"?
Do you know what other leading aerospace and military manufacturers are doing to mitigate risks from counterfeiting?
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. wants you to have the answers to these questions and more. We provide a free industry resource center to help you mitigate risks from counterfeit electronic components. ESCS believes education and training, along with the development of strong industry standard best practices is the most effective approach to mitigating counterfeit risks.
Here's just a sampling of what you'll find on Combat Counterfeits:
1. ESCS's recently published report,
"Awareness and Industry Efforts to
Combat Counterfeits in Aerospace
& Military Electronic Component

2. "10 Steps" you can take to mitigate risk, and "ABC's" for reducing risk
through your sub-contract manufacturers.
3. Counterfeit Parts Photo Gallery
Learn how to recognize the tricks they play!
4. Information on ESCS's Safe Source Seal audited aerospace sourcing assurance program.
5. Links to current articles and information, such as the Business Week
article, "Dangerous Fakes".
6. A list of key resources for quality certification, industry initiatives and much, much more.
Share this important resource with your Supply Chain Quality Management team. ESCS provides free consultative services to assist in developing a counterfeit risk mitigation strategy. Every company's operations are unique, and you need a strategy tailored to your own situation. Please give us a call to explore how we can help.
We invest in providing these resources and make them available to you at no cost. We only ask that tomorrow, when you or your procurement staff are faced with a challenging electronic component sourcing issue, you give us an opportunity to demonstrate our quality credentials.