Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Are you in the Dark when it comes to Counterfeiting?

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions is working day and night to help promote awareness about ways companies can midigate the risk associated with buying counterfeit electronic components. Many people turn to our site http://www.combatcounterfeits.com/ to learn the latest "tricks they play". ESCS known for thier Professor Quality has once again found new tecnology to "Combat Counterfeits. While working in the dark Professor Quality discovered his finger print and everyone knows there are no two alike.

That's where Alp Vision's "Fingerprint " is a real breakthrough in identifying genuine manufactured objects from fake ones based on digital images of the original product stored in a secure server. Fingerprint is based on a stored image which registers unique, microscopic differences generated by the manufacturing process and the raw material used.Digital imaging software identifies these unique characteristics of the image due to intrinsic differences even though objects are produced in series. Fingerprint is a Read Only solution which simply relies on the object "as is". It therefore cannot be counterfeited.

Typical applications are authenticating genuine mechanical parts of watches, automotive spare parts, medical devices and genuine spare parts of all kinds. Bottles, cans, flasks or other conditioning with metallic or plastic parts are also concerned.

Protect moulded or stamped parts:
Protect moulded or stamped parts that are mass produced objects such as Integrated Circuits (ICs) using a mould or using stamping techniques, the same unique “signature” will be present on all the objects produced with the same mould or using the same stamping tool. Therefore if a few moulds or stamps are used, only a few reference images are necessary. Toys, game chips, automotive parts, aerospace parts, electromechanical parts, and medicinal tablets are typical Fingerprint applications.

Contact AlpVision if you need to know more or how the Fingerprint solution can be applied to your Brand Protection and Gray Market Detection of your products.
Fingerprint is a trade mark of AlpVision SA and is part of the AlpVision digital imaging security solutions.