Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ESCS supports our future engineers again

Stay tune for an update on Team KRUNCH 79 and Honeywell as they franticly enter the 6 week build 2008 season. ESCS was present at Honeywell last week for the unvailing of this years FIRST Competition streams live from NASA. This years chalange is called FIRST OVERDRIVE

You may view the press release to learn more! visit the ESCS website to view our involement and sponsorship of this exciting event.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions decides not to hire Bill Gates after his retirement from Microsoft

ESCS President Matthew Heaphy says "the prospect of having another man with vision and creativity, such as Bill, to add to the many innovative web products ESCS has produced was very tempting, however we are not able to compensate him enough and still maintain our competative pricing. We will continue to provide you our resources in 2008 without a Bill. ( That's Free )

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions wishes Bill the best and would like to share this You Tube video for your enjoyment. Click here to see

ESCS ICphotosynth web product is setting a new standard for sourcing military and aerospace components

An ICphotosynth experience begins with a visit to www.icphotosynth.com. At first glance they may seem to be nothing more than a collection of digital photos. They are actually images captured by our AS9120 quality certified inspection team. Each photo is taken under a microscope and processed by our staff in order to highlight valuable distinctive features such as; part numbers, mfg logos, date codes, lot codes, or any special part markings (i.e. test dots). Photos that have small text or markings that wrap around the part are taken in a series that gives you a virtual 3D view of the entire part. Every date code is photographed separately to meet the requirements necessary to document split lot traceability as part of our AS9120 certification. The ICphotosynth offers benefits you will come to demand and rely on, and are only available at Electronic Supply Chain Solutions.
Imagine being able to request a photo of the product you purchased before it arrives! At ESCS you can! The ICphotosynth shows you the exact component in our inventory that will be on your dock tomorrow. ICphotosynth user friendly interface provides easy access for exploring a collection of photos in the ESCS inventory. Not all inventory at ESCS is displayed. Many parts been procured and tested to a customer drawing, and are earmarked for their future orders. All product at ESCS either comes with a factory C of C, or an MFG franchised distributor. Product that is procured and that does not have this tractability is sent out for testing. At ESCS all products received, even if it leaves the same day, is photographed. If we sourced the product specifically for you the photos will always be available upon your request. This service can aid in product liability, and is only available to OEM’s & CM’s as we don’t sell to brokers!
Navigate photos in the ICphotosynth & get Data Sheets as well.
ICphotosynth not only provides photos, but it also has an impressive feature which provides the ability to type in all or part of a component part number, and to navigate to the exact or similar part with a different value. This is great for teaching, or for knowing what a typical part looks like. Whether it's ICphotosynth collection of hundreds of photos, the ability to zoom in on the leads, or small part markings ESCS has made it simple to shop for quality components. You can search our Google image page by typing in the part number you need, and the ICphotosynth will then appear for you to share or save the image for later viewing. Need a Data Sheet to send along? Request millions of data sheets from the same page!
The ESCS ICphotosynth Technology
The ICphotosynth links both text and photographs into a individual web page incorporating the image and information. The content will evolve and change over time. Who can say where the future will take us? The ESCS ICphotosynth started out as an idea to create a web page for every part we owned, and now every part we have sold! We are excited about the possibilities, and would like to hear you ideas and/or suggestions.
This technology is provided by the same company that invented the CLICKnGO launch pad portal for buyers and engineers. ESCS was the third U.S. electronic distributor to become certified to the Aerospace AS9120 quality standard. And now after the fourth annual independent aerospace audit, ESCS continues to prove they are a quality advocate. ESCS is part of the CACP “Collation Against Counterfeiters and Piracy.” ESCS receives valuable information from the CACP and members of the U.S. Chamber of Congress. They supply information to its customers upon request so they can Combat Counterfeits. ESCS also maintains a link http://www.combatcounterfeits.com/ which provides free information to safeguard your supply chain. Explore ESCS website to learn more.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

ESCS Asked the Question

Is the product a thing? Or is it a what?

It's a companies’ responsibility to talk about its history, its capabilities, experience, expertise, philosophy, people, customers, culture and its great employees. This is all relevant stuff. But, ultimately it always comes down to the product that they put out. Electronic Supply Chain Solutions prospective customers and employees, alike, still want to know — "Are these guys as good as they say they are?" To best answer that question we submit our record. Sure, it's the work we've done for "other quality minded companies, but it's also the best indicator of what you can expect from ESCS. In and of itself, the product reflects all of our history, experience, expertise, etc. — but, the emphasis on a quality product also gives you the opportunity to finally decide for yourself, “Are they as good as they say they are?" The Product is what we deliver.

So, you be the judge! From requirement to delivery to your dock we've collected some quality certifications that others just don’t have. Our aerospace AS9120 certification is subjective evidence of a total quality management system. If you like what you see, or would like to see more, Visit http://www.escs9120.com/qindex.htm ESCS updates this section with additional and relevant information we are proud to share with our customers so they can make sound business decisions. It’s what we do!