Friday, December 22, 2006

Click-N-Go LaunchPad

*Great tool for Contact Manufacturers

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions CLICK-n-GO Launch Pad seen as a tremendous advantage to Contract Manufacturers, We have seen a surge in traffic since our launch of the CLICK-n-GO in Dec. 2005. Most seems to be from contact manufacturers who purchase by customer which requires them to be an authority on where to locate all the required components for a build. The CLICK-n-GO launch Pad empowers the buyers with the direct links to the manufacturers of a
particular commodity saving time and money when sourcing product that may not be on a contract. One buyer recently described it as "My favorites on steroids"

Our new Lead-free enhancement includes hotlinks to Manufacturer RoHS initiatives!

ESCS meets with NASA

December 7, 2006 Kennedy Space Center While the space shuttle Discovery launch was called off on account of weather, ESCS staff met in a joint council meeting with NASA, Boeing, Space Gateway Support, and the United Space Alliance to discuss the benefits of Electronic Supply Chain Solution's AS9120 quality certification and web resources. All in attendance were eager to share the capabilities ESCS will supply to their staff and their sub contractors. Recommendations to further talks with defense contractors: Northrop Grumman, DRS , Harris, L-3, General Dynamics, BAE , Lockheed Martin, and others
were highly encouraged. See what’s new at the ESCS CLICKnGO Launch Pad


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ESCS launches a new Information Source

Welcome to (ESCS) Electronic Supply Chain Solutions' Information Source dedicated to quality in the military and aerospace electronic industry

Please check back for updates!