Wednesday, January 31, 2007

National Engineers Week 2007

National Engineers Week 2007
One small step for mankind. Hooray for Congress!

Five months ago ESCS President Matthew Heaphy published an Aug. 28th 2006 article in EE Times asking us to invest in our children, the future engineers by supporting the First Robotics program in your town. January 30, 2007 the US Congress passed resolution 59 making February 17th 2007 National Engineers Week. Congratulations to all who chose engineering as a profession. As the ESCS ad in Electronic Supply & Manufacturing magazine stated While China & India strive for world dominance the totals of engineers graduating in China 300,000 India 200,000 and the USA just 60,000 we all need to bring awareness to the need for more women and men to enter a field we all can agree adds tremendous value to the quality of life on earth. “This is just one small step”. Please find out how you can make a difference in helping the USA in it’s time of need by visiting & & to learn more!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

ESCS joins US Chamber of Commerce - CACP

ESCS joins US Chamber of Commerce - Coalition Against Counterfeiting & Piracy
Visit CACP to learn more

"Counterfeiting and piracy costs U.S. companies between $200-$250 billion a year and roughly 750,000 jobs to date. Nearly all industries are being affected, from apparel and footwear, high-tech industrial goods, medicines, autos and auto parts, food and beverages, and cosmetics to copyrighted works, including entertainment and business software, movies, music, and books.

The U.S. Chamber through its National Chamber Foundation has launched a broad initiative to effectively thwart the growing global threat of counterfeiting and piracy to the U.S. economy, the global business community, and consumers."

ESCS White paper addresses counterfeit parts

Are you safe-guarding your company against the ramifications of counterfeit parts?

Or relying on status quo?

Are you calling your suppliers to arms for your protection?

Or relying on status quo?

Are you waiting for your government to stop the 40% of $260 billion counterfeits coming from China?

Or relying on status quo?

Are you examining each of your 2006 suppliers to ensure they have your best interest at heart? What subjective evidence do your suppliers provide to assure your supply chain is secure? A quality management system is always desired until there is a problem, then it is demanded. Death, Taxes, Quality Issues, and Counterfeits; you can only cheat them for so long then… Then you pay the price. A little assurance can provide insurance!
White Paper on Addressing Counterfeit Parts

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nasa Memo Encourages Quality

NASA Memo "Encourages" AS9100 Certification for Existing and Potential Suppliers

  • The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has released a memo to all current and potential suppliers encouraging compliance and certification to AS9100: The statement indicates that NASA is on the lookout for AS9100 qualified suppliers, saying, "Manufacturers, suppliers and service organizations who regard quality management as a key business driver are highly desired as NASA hardware and service providers."
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions adds DSCC (Defense Supply Center Columbus) hot links to it's ESCS CLICK-n-GO Launch Pad

Military customers can now save time by directly finding the information they need all from one location.

Robotics: ESCS Partners with Honeywell

ESCS partners with Honeywell & East Lake High School for 2007 First Robotics Competion
Visit First Robotics Site

ESCS Employment Opportunities

Current Open Positions:
Position 01: Sales Account Executive (2-3 years components experience)
(Military Product Knowledge a plus )
Position 02: Sales Representative
(Prior sales experience required for position 2)
Contact Us: (727) 723-8255
Email to:

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