Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are you ready for some FIRST Robotics?

As many are aware Electronic Supply Chain Solutions has been a supporter of FIRST Robotics Team 79 KRUNCH Eastlake High School along with Honeywell Clearwater in Florida starting back in 2006. This years 2011 marks the 20th season of the FIRST Robotics Competition. They have a lot to celebrate this year as FIRST has gone from 1 event to nearly 60 and from 28 teams to over 2000. Much has changed over the past twenty seasons, the games and kit of parts have become more complex, they have many more volunteers and staff working behind the scenes to make everything work, and they have several new countries as a part of FRC. But the key goals remain the same; commitment to Gracious Professionalism®, emphasis on learning, helping one another and inspiring careers in math, science, engineering and technology. ESCS urges you to visit and see if there is a program in your town and then..... get involved! Your children will benefit and thank you when they are old enough to realized the great opportunity you gave them by exposing them to FIRST Robotics. This year's game shall be announced in January 8, 2011 and all robots must be completed by ship deadline of 2/22/11 How do they do it???? Get involved and "prepare to be amazed" Visit to get peek of what is in store when your child takes an interest in science! Start them young with FIRST Lego League!
If you need help getting started call Electronic Supply Chain Solutions at 727-723-8255 and ask for ESCS President Mattthew Heaphy to learn more.